My personal design philosophy is that we all have the innate ability to imagine.. To create an idea that forms an experience with narrative and context. As a generation contemporary society lacks the conviction to act on this innovative spirit.

Design is something I embrace as a process, that turns experiences into something tangible and beyond. “With great power comes great responsibly ” To think of the history of an industrial designer, one where design is only products and services is now evolving past this. Into experiences of entire systems and more.

As a concept is becoming the driving forces behind many of the ways of life at least from my perspective in 2013. It is an exciting time to be a design-grad about to enter this diverse and growing field. We have the ability to improve our surrounding and deal with issues of sustainability, changing social standards and dwindling natural resources. Also, the scope to not only dream of life past earth but projects that inspire new generations.

This blog is some of my early work from the industrial design and innovation undergraduate course. Postgraduate and side project work I might add at some point.

So it would seem I have been away cheating on tumblr and being lazy in general. So this is my reintroduction to me, myself and the internets. 2013 is going to be a tits out crazy year working with the council  for my honours year saving kauri and all in general design adventures…. lights and furniture oh my! And to think I was going to take a gap year for kite surfing?!

Promise to myself, that I probably wont keep but hey maybe if I write it here I will do it. Anyway, weekly project updates so I know where I have been and side projects as they happen and they will~! Hopefully, I will keep on topic and riven can keep her dirty inspirations away from my one true love. (Yes its 3am)

Shiny! all the best future self who reads this


Everyday inspirations that don’t belong here

So i have come to a conclusion that having a red panda would be awesome.

Only 30% to use the phrase “Red panda standing by.”

The question is.. how useful would it be post apocalypse?

Recycled speaker design 2010

Homegrown design project 2011

Wall lamp design inspired by New Zealand lighting

Childrens toy design 2010

Make your own fort using anything and everything.